When will the next program start?

January 2019

What is the duration of the program?

1 year. 

Are all three courses mandatory?

Everybody will have to take the first course, which is, Foundations of IxD Practice. This is mandatory. The other two courses are optional. If you feel like you don’t want to continue, you can discontinue from the program. But it is highly recommended that you complete all three courses so that you learn the entire scope of design that we have promised you.

What is the fee for the program?

Each course costs you Rs. 69,000. Thereby, the total cost of the program is Rs. 2,07,000.

When should the payment be made?

The payment for the first course should be made within two weeks of acceptance into the program. Subsequent payments for the remaining courses should be made before the start of the respective courses.

The course sounds a bit expensive.

We have spent more than 30 lakhs studying abroad to gain this knowledge and we are giving it to you for less than 10% of that cost. 

Where will the program take place?

The program will take place in Bengaluru, India. The exact location is yet undecided. But we will make sure you have all the facilities required and it is a comfortable place to be in.

What type of certificate will the students receive?

People who hire interaction designers are looking at the students thinking skills and the portfolio of projects that the student has worked on to make that hiring decision. And that is what we aim to provide you. Participants who successfully complete all the three courses will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. 

Can i participate remotely?

You will need to attend lectures, work with your classmates on group projects and give presentations. The education here is very much studio culture based. So we do not entertain remote participation. But exceptions can always be made depending on your passion and commitment.

What do I need to apply? 

You will need the following items to apply,

  1. Statement of Purpose - PDF

  2. Portfolio - A website or a PDF

  3. Resume - PDF

  4. Previous Marksheets/ Transcripts/ Certificates - PDF

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose is your story. It demonstrates your passions. It demonstrates why you are interested in pursuing the program. It demonstrates why you think you are qualified to take up this program. It demonstrates your future goals.  It's an essay that usually runs from one to three pages in length.

I am not a designer and I do not have a portfolio. What should I submit?

Portfolios need not include only Interaction Design or Creative Design works. They can include any sort of work samples from your previous work. Below are some samples,

  • any form of design work ( website design, mobile app designs, graphic design, etc )

  • Art works ( paintings, drawings, digital art, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, Jewelry, etc )

  • Photographs

  • Writing Samples ( Creative writing, technical writing, professional writing etc )

  • Research Papers

  • Dance Videos

  • Engineering Projects

  • Business Strategy Plans

  • Project Reports

The list is not exhaustive. You may include anything that you feel will prove your ability to perform in the program. 

Please note that if any of the work that your are submitting is a group work, then please indicate it as such and indicate your contribution. If you have borrowed parts of somebody else's work in your work then you will have to give necessary credit. 

What kind of participants do you usually accept?

We do not look for any specific profile or background. All we ask from you is a passion towards design and commitment to strive for excellency. Participants come from different backgrounds, are of different ages and in different stages in their careers. Below are some profile, not limited to, who might be interested in joining the program

  • Students passionate about Interaction Design

  • Working Professionals who want to switch to UX/ Interaction Design

  • Graphic/ Visual Designers interested in becoming UX/ Interaction Designers

  • Established Interaction designer looking to expand their craft

  • High School students interested in Technology and Design

Do i need a laptop for the course?

Yes. An overwhelming majority of Designers use Apple laptops. So we highly recommend it. But do not worry, windows based laptop will also work well.

How much time will I need to invest in the program?

The classes will meet on Saturday and Sunday, three hours on each day. You will be required to work with your groups on your projects. You are expected to commit at least an additional 20 hours every week. The first course is very intensive, since you are new to the field and the projects are quite complex. But you can easily manage the second and third course. 

What softwares will I need for the program?

Sketchapp is highly recommended. It is a fantastic software for designers and is used by UX Designer all over the world. But it is an Apple only software. If you are on Windows, then there are other software such as Adobe XD and InVision Studio.