Certificate Program in Interaction Design

“I am not creative enough to be a designer.”

Everybody is born a creative. Creativity is nothing but exploration and experimentation. You are born with these skills. It’s just that as we grow up, we start adhering to rules and regulations and we forget to explore and experiment.


“Creativity can’t be taught.”

Just like anything else, creativity can be taught too. Like I said earlier, creativity is nothing but exploration and experimentation. There are processes and frameworks for doing that.


“To be a designer, you need to be good at drawing.”

While this may be true for other fields such as Industrial and Graphic Design, drawing skills are absolutely not necessary for Interaction Designers. Rough sketches are more than enough. Ugliness is embraced.


“Design doesn’t have any limits.”

Actually it does. You need these limits or constraints for creativity to flourish.


“Design is just about following a process.”

Like we have said before, it’s not just following a process. You need to go beyond it. You need to learn to go beyond your users, to go beyond the business objectives, to go beyond the technological limitations. This is the difference between what you learn in a 3-day workshop and a year long program.

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